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100% Secure Ordering and Website!

FortiSX: Atomic Fuel in your Penis

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Want a really huge erection? It's QUICK and it's EASY

You think it's impossible?! Well read on...

Dear Friend – If you are tortured by a floppy, unimpressive traitor of a penis,

Your suffering is over, forgotten, wiped from the surface of the Earth. Our laboratory has just perfected an Ultra High Technology manufacturing process, to produce capsules containing the most virile activating agent in the World! It’s an extraordinary feat for science, but above all FOR YOU

The Muira Puama plant has been used medicinally by tribal elders for hundreds of years to treat impotence, as well as a host of other sexual complaints. The boffins in our world famous laboratories have taken this trusted sexual activator to the next level, so now nothing can stand in your way on your quest to satisfy your woman again and again!

With FortiSX, nothing can now prevent you from watching as a giant steel girder swells up in your underpants – replacing your sleepy floppy dwarf of a dick.

Testimony 1

Marcel S., 61
Estate Agent

Thanks to FortiSX I can shag (almost) all my clients who are delighted to impale themselves on a rod as solid as any load-bearing wall. I am extremely proud of my performance.

Testimony 2

John, 75 & Margaret, 72
Vineyard Owners

With age, all the hard work in the vineyard, goodbye to libido and virility. But fortunately with FortiSX I managed to restore the rock- hard weapon of my early 20s. It literally explodes in Margaret every night.

Testimony 3

Mr Baron, 50 & Mrs Baron, 49

After an accident at work, my husband lost the use of his penis. He tried the FortiSX treatment and order was restored. He makes me come like I never did before.

Testimony 4

Vincent C., 61

In the world of cinema and advertising there are girls wanting to shag everywhere. I needed a serious virility agent that was not dangerous to my health. FortiSX has made me the master of my dick.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Try FortiSX completely risk-free! If you are not 100% satisfied with your extreme orgasms and phenomenal erections simply return the product and its packaging to us and a refund will be issued with no ifs and no buts!

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  • FortiSX means an end to all your worries about impotence and erectile dysfunction. No more need for all those weedy-sounding excuses. Now you can jump into bed without any fear of looking ridiculous.
  • You know your equipment will respond to the least request. It’s proven and validated. No impotence can resist the erectile atomic tornado triggered by FortiSX. And it is so easy to use.
  • At the right moment, discreetly swallow a capsule and you will almost immediately sense the initial tingling. You know that 3 minutes later you will not be able to close your thighs because of your gigantic equipment.
  • All you need do is sink your stiff dick into your partner who will positively vibrate with pleasure. Believe me, with FortiSX, you will not hold back, worry about morals or modesty.

100% Secure Ordering and Website

100% Secure Ordering and Website!
  • Remember this name: Muira Puama, the indigenous name for this amazing plant found in the Amazon Rainforest translates as ‘potency wood’. All parts of Muira Puama plant have been used medicinally by tribal elders, but typically it is the bark and root that is harvested and used in modern supplements, like FortiSX.
  • The short term effects of Muira Puama include increasing blood flow to the pelvic area, which helps with aiding erections and making sure you can maintain them time after time! Longer term use enhances the production of sex hormones increasing your desire and banishing any worries about under-performing.
  • Our state of the art laboratories refine and concentrate the power of this already potent sexual booster and easy to swallow capsules mean this powerful virility agent is kept fresh, so you get the maximum power every time! So now the road ahead is wide open. The FortiSX capsules will give you rock hard erections every time – guaranteed.
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Please send me the revolutionary FortiSX treatment. In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with the treatment, you just need to return your packaging: you will then be fully refunded for the amount of your order, with no conditions and no questions asked. So, you can try FortiSX without risking a penny...

FortiSX 2 x 15 Capsules - FS02

Regular Price: £59.95

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FortiSX 12 x 15 Capsules - FS04

Regular Price: £339.95

Special Price: £189.95

FortiSX 24 x 15 Capsules - FS05

Regular Price: £649.95

Special Price: £299.95

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